RYA survey: 1 in 3 have experienced killcord failure

The RYA has revealed the results of its latest survey in which a third of respondents reported a killcord failure incident

Corrosion on crimp of killcordThe RYA survey didn’t find any correlation between the engine’s size and the likelihood of killcord failure, but it did add that 73% of killcord failures occurred in engines that were 2-10 years old.
A grand total of 1,016 boaters from 23 countries responded to the survey, making the results internationally relevant.
However, it is important to acknowledge a slight bias, as those who have not experienced killcord failure are less likely to reply to a survey on the matter.
“The results of the survey show that there are areas for improvement in maintaining equipment, such as checking kill cords for signs of fatigue, discolouration, stiffening, loss of elasticity and any metal or plastic clips; and checking the actual kill switch,” Rachel added.


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