Trump’s Castle 1987 Offshore Grand Prix Video Series

Trump's Castle 1987 Offshore Grand Prix Video SeriesFor the past 30 years, the sport of Superboat racing has continued and so has Donald Trump.
The 1987 Trump’s Castle Offshore Grand Prix, hosted at Trump’s Castle Casino, was the finest offshore racing location powerboating had to offer. Fast forward to today, Donald Trump has become President of the United States and the fast and exciting sport of offshore racing continues to wow fans across the United States and the world.
After digging through the archives of video from the past 30 years, Super Boat is proud to share a vintage compilation of an exciting HFC offshore series race in Atlantic City. This race, from over 30 years ago, showcased the best offshore racers of the era. The racers of the late ‘80’s are the legends of historic offshore racing. The location of Trump’s Castle in New Jersey and the appearance from now President Trump himself, shows a glimpse of the style and commitment then, that has carried through still to this day.
For some of you, we hope this brings back some great memories and, for those fans and racers newer to offshore racing, we hope you enjoy watching some of the legends of the sport. Today’s offshore racing series continues to bring new names, teams, and racers with the same level of excitement and competition as over the past 30 years.

Source: ESPN and HFC Offshore Series