Here are new arrival all-purpose fishing boats

Fishing, in all its varieties, leads to boats. And for many anglers, an all-purpose fishing boat is a perfect choice. Many look a little like a bass boat, but with a deeper-angled hull and higher sides. Many have partial or full windscreens. These boats can carry a family or just a couple of buddies on rivers and lakes, freshwater and saltwater, for everything from panfish to big game.

Most have rod lockers and livewells, which are cooler-like built-ins that deliver fresh, well-oxygenated water to keep fish or bait alive. Some come equipped with rod holders.An all-purpose fishing boat can come with a car-like steering wheel or with a steering (and throttle) lever called a tiller on the outboard motor. Yours might have an electric trolling motor at the bow or at the stern beside the powerful gasoline-powered outboard that scoots you from place to place.