Reviewing new Sargo 33

The speedy all-weather Sargo 33 will carry you safely and comfortably to your destination no matter the weather is rain or shine.
The new Sargo 33 sits neatly between its two siblings, the Sargo 31 and the Sargo 36.
The result could have been a boat left high and dry with nothing of note to offer,with these three family members all offering essentially the same twin cabin accommodation plan comprising a forward en-suite plus a second cabin tucked beneath the raised dinette area.sargo-33-running-shots-014

Instead, the Scandinavian boatbuilder has managed to position the Sargo 33 perfectly.

It doesn’t have the scale to carry the optional full flybridge that the roomier 36 offers, but it definitely breaths far more easily than the 31, not least because the 33 boasts a cockpit door at the rear of the saloon, not just the twin sidedoors of the 31, so movement around the boat is way easier.

Stir in a large sliding sunroof plus an opening rear window, and the result is quite exceptional ventilation through the boat.

Sargo 33

Our 33 also had a toilet compartment en-suite to the second heads, tiny by anybody’s standards, but at least it’s a very handy option.

Sargo utilises every scrap of space inside, and the company also makes extensive use of high quality glass fibre mouldings.

The result is as much storage as you could possibly have inside, but in places a design that looks a little fussy compared to its more woody and more homogeneously styled rivals.