Newport Boat Show Preview

The Newport Boat show is right around the corner! Take a look at some of our favorite boats that will be on display, from comfortable racer/cruisers, to high performance carbon sleds, the International Boat Show will have it all!

  • C&C Yachts

    C&C 30 One Design

    Introduced last year, the C&C 30 has been growing rapidly as a one-design class with 9 boats competing in this year’s New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta.

    The C&C 30 is designed to offer the thrill and technology of big-boat grand prix sailing in a smaller size, and that’s exactly what it delivers.

    The C&C 30 combines a stiff, slippery-fast hull, a powerful sail plan, and an efficient deck layout – reminiscent of a TP52 – that provides for exciting, but efficient racing.

    For more info check out the C&C website.

  • Fareast Yachts

    Fareast 28R

    Fareast Yachts has taken their proven design that went into the 31R and downsized it into a 28 foot speed machine that looks as good as it sails

    A light rigid hull and high-end rigging ensure maximum performance, while a shorter length allows for more versatility than larger grand-prix style racers.

    For more information check out the Fareast Yachts website.

  • J Boats

    J Boats 97E, 112E, 122E

    The newest line of J Boats is here. WIth three new models, J Boats have redefined the racer cruiser.

    With the new 97E, 112E and 122E, they have created boats which are as comfortable and easy to sail as they are fast. Double-hand the 97E with ease, then grab some friends for a buoy race and win it.

    All the new models sport the winning J Boat pedigree and while the 112E has not been released yet, it is sure to live up to the reputation of its relatives.

    For more information, check out the J Boats website.

  • Gunboat

    Gunboat G4

    The G4 has been making a splash ever since it foiled onto the scene as the newest innovation from Gunboat last year.

    Where the J Boats’ E class might blur the line between racer and cruiser, the G4 simply erases it. Foil around the course at over 25 knots, then when you’re finished, use the spacious cockpit to entertain and sleep on board in comfort.

    For more information check out the Gunboat website.

  • HH Performance

    HH 42 Mk II

    Designed by Judel Vrolijk, the new HH42 Mk II is lighter, faster, and more fun than the previous HH models.

    The 42 is the perfect affordable HPR that rates well under IRC, HPR, ORCi, and just about every handicapping system.

    The HH 42 has a proven race record including wins in both PHRF and IRC in several local regattas right here in Newport.

    For more information, check out the HH website.

  • Billy Black/ Jeanneau

    Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    Jeanneau introduced the Sunfast 3600 in 2014, and it took off right away. A proven racer that also makes for a comfortable cruiser, the Sunfast is geared toward shorthanded distance racing.

    Quick in light air and a blast in big breeze, the 3600 surprises with exceptional performance in just about any conditions.

    The Sunfast is sleek too, a modern design with hard chines and carbon rig, the 3600 looks as good as it performs. Jeanneau has also just released a new smaller version, the 3200.

    To find out more, or to check out the 3200, visit the Jeanneau website.

  • Zim Sailing

    Zim 15

    Released last year by Zim, the Z15 aimed to remedy the aging V15 class and provide a new outlet for young sailors to experience high performance dinghy racing in an affordable way.

    The Zim 15 is targeted for Yacht Clubs and programs, as a fleet of exciting boats to be raced by and attract new young members to high performance sailing.

    Sporting a more complex, skiff style rig that many young sailors are not used to, the Z15 is an excellent stepping stone for many young sailors.

    For more information, check out the Zim Sailing website.

  • Alerion Yachts

    Alerion Sport 30

    Alerion Yachts combine their tradition of beauty with modern design and advanced composite construction in the new Alerion Sport 30.

    The Sport 30 sports a carbon-fiber bowsprit and asymmetric spinnaker, a first for Alerion. A simple layout and lightweight hull provide for easy sailing that can be done short-handed, yet maintains quality performance.

    For more information, visit the Alerion Yachts website.

  • SeaRail

    Sea Rail 19

    The new SeaRail 19 has arrived in North America!

    The SR-19 is an affordable, light-weight, trailerable trimaran built to make high speed sailing easy and accessible.

    Easy to rig and sail, the SeaRail can be launched and rigged in less than 15 minutes. Perfect for sailing with one or two friends, or easy to single hand the SR-19 is a truly versatile boat.

    For more information, check out the SeaRail website.

  • Robert Audet

    Class 40 Longbow

    Fresh out of the yard at Carbon Ocean Yachts, the brand new Class 40 Longbow will be on display at the Newport Boat Show.

    Longbow showcases the remarkable craftsmanship skill at Carbon Ocean Yachts that went into its construction, as well as the Class 40 that is gaining traction as fleets grow in the US.

    Definitely take a walk down to find this one!